Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ever since we got this new land line from Telus, we've been getting autodialler calls where some computer randomly dials you number and then asks you to dial '1' to get customer service. Don't. I think it goes through to some godforsaken call centre in India or something.

If it isn't a real person - the call gets trashed. I'm sorry if this is uncommercial of me, but I don't buy stuff over the phone unless it's me dialling out to a recognised service. I think while wife is not here, I'll cut the ring numbers down to two and let whatever system it is talk to my answerphone instead, while I smirk quietly to myself.

The rate of return on this method of marketing must be so low that this is the only way it can be made to pay. Problem is, the only people who fall for this are the elderly and . The rest of us tell them to sod off.

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