Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today I am a much happier fellow. My work permit was approved yesterday, and today I have a Canadian Social Insurance Number, with leave to remain for the next twelve months. First payday is scheduled to be at the end of March. Not that we need it of course, but it means neither I nor Wife have to return to the UK with all its economic and social problems. We are planning to ride out the UK recession over here, taking advantage of the lower cost of living.

Kids are settling down to life without us dogging their every step, and seem to be doing well, although my thoughts of them are forever tinged with a natural anxiety for the next generation's well being. Youngest is making noises about coming over to Canada to do some post graduate study. Eldest is keeping us guessing. All her activity is centred around her friends, but she made positive noises during their Christmas visit, and if current boyfriend doesn't buck his ideas up, he might end up as one of those sad acts who you find in pubs every night bemoaning the chances they never took.

Spoke to the local immigration officer who has been so wonderfully helpful of late, and offered my heartiest thanks. It's still a scary learning curve, but I think that's the steepest bit over. Next step, BC Driving Licence and Health Insurance. Got to get my head in the BC version of the Highway Code.

Any old road up; the fishing season approaches, I'm feeling pretty amused by life, and Wife is smiling once more. So far, so good.