Sunday, January 11, 2009

I submit

This weekend has been dedicated to preparing MSS samples for submission to a UK literary Agency. I'm not holding out much hope, as by the look of their listings, most of their current list of authors are middlebrow literati who write novels about the human condition, and little else.

My stuff does pay slightly more than lip service to the vagaries of love, hate, betrayal etc, but I do try and make the characters part of and drivers of the events they are involved in. I suspect a rejection slip will be the result, but that's just my naturally ingrained pessimism. There isn't a single slightly futuristic or fantasy writer on their books.

Oh well, here goes;

Sample list:
Short Screenplay 13 pages plus 1 page character notes
1st MSS 50 page sample & 1 page synopsis
2nd MSS 50 page sample & 1 page synopsis

Who knows, maybe in these economically straitened times they are looking to branch out of their existing list of genres. One can but try.

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