Monday, November 12, 2007

Noisy and damp

Sleep was a little difficult to come by last night. Massive thunderclaps from the storm as it passed overhead, solid rain from Sunday afternoon all the way through to late Monday morning. Glad we chose to go to the movies yesterday, as it has been exceeding wet.
The logging company tug was bimbling around trying to make the best of a bad job. Logs all over the place in the Straits. Big log cabin building size logs which could make a pretty mess of a fibreglass hull in very short order.

As I write, the tides are clearing the mess up, and the log booms leftovers are piling up on every foot of the shoreline. I'll go down and check in the morning, but I think we've just gained a couple of sandy beaches overninght. Not big ones, however, we'll have to see what they are like when the weather has settled a little more.

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