Monday, November 19, 2007

Trail walking

Well, not so much 'walking' but clambering, scrambling, and climbing. 'Trail walking' over here is a bit more energetic than in my country of origin. The paths and trails around here are little better than game trails over fallen logs, up and down slopes etc. Good fun though. Got sworn at by one of the Sea Otter clans, and watched by the soulful face of a Common Seal.

Dog and I went trail walking to get away from Wife, who has been 'going off on one' because she has little patience dealing with Internet support mechanisms. I couldn't do anything for her, so elected to get the hell out of dodge so I could actually think through a narrative conundrum while walking. I don't think Wife really understands about the level of concentration it takes to keep track of a narrative thread, and has a habit of wandering into my study and unloading whatever is on her mind at the time, which has the net result of putting my birds of thought to flight. That and I'm reading Stephen King's "Liseys Story" which is about insanity and narrative. Fascinating but disturbing. King is a master of his genre.

Just wish I was.

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