Monday, February 2, 2009


Have begun work on a new MSS while the interminable wait for Agents and Publishers to actually read what I've sent them goes on. Frankly I've gotten past the point where I'm worried about how good any of the MSS samples and screenplay I despatched are; that's all old news as they say. I'm busy on the next one in the series.

In 'Falling through the stars' I'm busy outlining a post apocalypse northern Europe and the survival of one of the novel's key characters; this time it's the younger sister of the lead character in 'A Sky full of stars' and her journey out of the remains of the Gaian European prison-state to find her elder brother, a now publicly disgraced North American Space Corps pilot. There is another sister in the story arc, but I won't bring her into the tale until the demands of narrative warrant her appearance. Tell the story, and let the characters play their parts.

Back in the outside world, I see that the eco-insanity proceeds despite the climate and weather naysaying every argument the Warmista's put forward. Face it guys, the Earth isn't doomed, but humanity might be if the media keep regurgitating the statist soviet-like agenda of the boneheaded greenies. How many times does humanity have to try the 'top down' approach and find it failing? Idiots.

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