Thursday, February 5, 2009

Other times, other places

This afternoon, after progress chasing a couple of things, I visited a blog I used to write for when Ilived and worked in the UK. Although there have been no new entries for the last year, it still receives over sixty specific visits minimum, per day. Go figure, as they say.

Mind you, I did used to spend over three hours a day on it in addition to the day job which inspired the blog. This blog, by way of a contrast, gets less than half an hour a day on average. The thing both blogs have in common is that they are simply brain dumps of my febrile ravings.

Am also getting mildly teed off with the pop up adverts that say "Barack Obama / Stephen Harper / Paris Hilton's IQ is 120+; how about you?" For the record; my IQ was once 'officially' measured at 147. More generally my usual spatial / language / mathematical object handling ability runs around the 136 marker. Reading rate measured at 1250-1700 words per minute with 70% recall. That and a memory which Elephants can be heard commenting on as follows "Watch what you say around that Jones character - he remembers every word". Which often makes me ask the question; "If I'm so smart, why ain't I rich?" Which I am not very (Although definitely not poor). Yet I would concede that most of my own lack of millionaire status boils down to a lack of confidence. Ergo, one is drawn to the conclusion that when it comes to smarts, IQ is not the only measure.

Back to work.

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