Monday, November 3, 2008

Just a voice in the wilderness

Tidying up the MSS for marketing (3rd re-write so far) and took a break to give Dog a walk. I never realised the woods could be so noisy. A neighbours dog, barking over half a mile away was almost deafening. Falling Maple leaves that have plated the paths and trails with gold make a surprisingly loud papery rattle as they bounce from twig to twig in their leisurely plummet towards the ground. The far off noise of a Woodpecker trying its best to get a migraine with the loud 'pock-pock-pock' of their burrowing into tree trunks with their beaks. Dog panting like an unfit asthmatic. Squirrels arguing in the distance over who gets the last of the nuts. Not forgetting the irritating buzz of an outboard with a faulty or no muffler, running at full tilt down the neck of the Narrows.

Am trying to avoid thinking about the US elections, although it seems the world and next doors cat has an 'Opinion' on the matter. The Mainstream Media seem to want Barack Obama for the next US President from what I can see, and if he doesn't win by a huge landslide, there are a lot of people who will be looking very red faced if he doesn't. Me, I think that the US public will vote for who they vote for tomorrow, and there's an end to the matter. Just so long as whoever gets the job doesn't make a complete mess of things, I'm pretty much okay with that.

That's about as non-partisan as I get; although if they go ahead with the ludicrous carbon 'cap and trade' regulations, may the good Lord have mercy on the US (And world) economy. The UK's bunch of economic illiterates seem to think that passing the 'climate change bill' will change the climate (It won't). Might totally screw the economy, but as the UK is hopefully a part of my past, I really am not that concerned. Sorry for sounding so uncaring, but when I was there I lobbied my MP, wrote to the papers, voted my conscience, but I was in a minority. The part of the electorate that went to the polls disagreed. That's Democracy for you.

Now I'm just another ex-pat, making my way the best way I can until my permanent residency application gets processed. I'm in Canada, I'm gainfully employed and contributing to the Canadian economy. All I need is a sympathetic agent or publisher, and who knows?

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