Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have been looking at one of my old MSS in an attempt to make it more saleable. The story is fine, no problem there. Epic scale, love, hate, revenge and all the old hokum. It's just the central character. He doesn't work too well. Any old how. I've had a bit of an epiphany today and will be changing him a bit. Making him younger and altering the circumstance of his genesis. Not Harry Potter young, but late teens graduating up into early 20's. Plenty of scope for the complexities of a hormone driven adolescence, teenage angst etc.

I'm over my fit of pique at being lumped in with people who believe that there's some big Government 'Conspiracy' which faked the Moon landings, wierd ideas about ice trails left by passing Jets and the Assassination of JFK. I've gone past that and am buckling down to work to produce saleable product. First job is to produce a short screenplay to see how one section of the story works in a more visual medium, and if it turns out good enough I'll pitch it at someone I know over in Vancouver. You never know, I might even sell the bloody thing.

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