Monday, December 22, 2008

The next person...

The next media idiot to reiterate the claim in my vicinity that all this bloody snow is to do with their farcical 'global warming' theory is going to get some nice icy 'global warming' stuffed forcibly down the back of their fashionable Gore-Tex jacket.

I've got to the point where, when I heard some Environmental advocate had died of Cancer today, all I could think was "Good. That's one less of the bastards." This is most unlike me. I am mostly a gentle soul without an ounce of malice in my heart.

"Weather is not the climate", according to some of the pro AGW whack jobs, but I would like to point out that Climate is the sum of the Weather. So there. Like geology is not about sedimentation, but a lot of sediment eventually makes rocks. Like the ones in the Pro AGW advocates heads.

Some snow is fine, but if I'd really wanted to experience a heavy Winter I'd have gone and got a job in Alberta. I've been digging through fourteen plus inches of snow since half past nine this morning and my temper is slightly frayed. I need tea.

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