Sunday, December 21, 2008


Have been revising the 'Sky full of stars' MSS today because I'm sure as shooting not going anywhere. The snow started to fall first thing and it's still falling. Old family friends have rung up to say "It doesn't normally do this".

I've made good use of the time making hearty stews that will keep even when the power goes off. Four good helpings of home made Chicken Madras, Two fish stew, four Pork and carrot stews. All they need is heating up on our gas cooker. Wife and I will not starve.

The crop of icicles we've started to grow over the front porch are mostly a good twelve inches long, with one about nine feet in length. The Lilac bush outside our front window has a crop of stylish decorations in frozen water crystal that would make a seriously artistic Interior designer green with envy.

Not bothering with any Canaerobics today because it's due to snow until the small hours. First thing Monday morning will mean I'll be grafting with the shovel. We've had the best part of a foot of snow so far today which will take around forty minutes to clear. Tomorrow will be sunny with a bit of a thaw, but until then we're snowed in. Not that I mind, but all this weather enforced leisure is getting a tad monotonous.

Wife is getting a bit cabin feverish, but now she's fed and properly watered and we've had a good heart to heart, I am pleased to say she's (Mostly) her old self again. Getting cards from old friends over in the UK, to which I have been responding with phone calls and e-mails, the post being a bit too unreliable at present what with the weather.

Video choice today: 'The Razors Edge' (1946). Am now going to get Dog outside for a romp. Today we will give the woods a miss because there's a stiff and rather gusty breeze which might bring down some of the more heavily laden lumber.

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