Sunday, December 14, 2008

So this is......

Well, if this is the Global Warming the politicians and activists keep wittering on about, it's very pretty to look at, being deep, crisp and even etcetera, but it's also bloody cold. Currently minus 2 Celsius by our thermometer outside the kitchen window and SNOWING. Current depth around ten inches (25cm) and deepening. Now This latest batch of the white stuff looks like it's here for the next day or so if these two photo's (Taken at 08:10 PST 14th December) are any indication.

Brother in Law is supposed to be driving up from Victoria this evening. Well, if he hasn't got snow tyres the Mounties won't let him even attempt the Malahat, the highway between Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island (Webcam link here). Current conditions look pretty difficult. Time to hunker down and stay home I think.

10:20. A Snow covered Mudge Island is materialising as the snow fall eases. There is a thick ghostly carpet all the way down to the waterline and our thermometer is reading slightly under minus three Celsius. Dog and I have been out for a romp in the white stuff, which is over a foot deep (30cm) on our drive.

Dog loves snow. Just as well really.

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