Sunday, June 15, 2008

All over the world

All over the world, with almost no exceptions, politicians are not listening to the electorate. Well, they say they listen, but then they do nothing about it but carry on with the same shit different day.

In Ireland, a significant majority have voted against ratifying the EU's Lisbon treaty which is effectively a top down, one size fits all federal constitution in all but name. The rest of the EU, despite all the pontifications to the contrary from the Europhile camp, look like ratifying the treaty anyway. Which rather confirms my suspicions that Democracy in Europe is effectively pushing up the daisies. In the UK, USA, Europe, and Canada, evidence is mounting that the whole AGW thing is a scam. The politicians stick their fingers in their ears and carry on with putting extra 'carbon' taxes on the economy which will require extra economic activity to pay them. More economic activity = more pollution = more tax = more economic activity needed. Only in the sphere of Gonzo economics can such a move be remotely considered 'carbon neutral'. Sheesh.

I'm in a pile of poo anyway. I got a bit stressed (I tossed the remote at the DVD player in disgust when... oh never mind) last night, and Wife didn't care for my behaviour. Today has not been easy for me. Have been thoroughly told off. Dog is currently in hiding under my chair. Wife is still annoyed. I needs must make amends.

What the hell. At least I'm within 10,000 words of finishing 'First flights'. The sun is shining. Could be worse.

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