Monday, June 23, 2008

First draft

Bit tired and iffy recently. Have written the last part of the MSS and find myself having to do a revision of the last ten thousand words. For all that, the first draft is almost complete except for part of the climax which needs changing to fit in with the storyline and plot. For all that, 'First Flights' is almost complete and ready for submission to whoever.

Might be leaving it a bit late, but once finished I can start work on the sequel and a couple of other projects. See what life brings. First I have to finish this one. Read an interview with Tom Clancy in a book called 'The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing' and am following his axiom "Tell the damn story". That's the best advice any aspiring writer can ask for.

I see one of the high priests of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Religion is at it again, demanding the imprisonment of people who don't think as he does. All I have to say to that is woof, woof, bloody woof. Someone is completely barking and it isn't me.

Stuff it. It's been a nice few days for a change although right this minute I feel I would like to sleep for a week.

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