Friday, June 6, 2008

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher

We could do with a few more people willing to speak out against the lies like this gentleman did on May 14th. As Wife pointed out, when there are politicians willing to speak up like this, then the panic mongers and snake oil salesmen have not won. He is to be applauded for his courage. A few of his kidney north of the 49th Parallel and elsewhere would be an improvement. Well done Congressman.

H/T Anthony Watts

Am also cheered by the USA threatening to take the UK to court over the imposition of extra airport taxes. It has got to the point where the taxes exceed the cost of the flight, and for what? A phantasm, a bogeyman, a ghastly illusion only kept alive by people who 'adjust' figures to meet their incomplete climate models. Not that any money so raised would be put to any climate protection use, nor that such funds ever could. Their AGW Emperor has no clothes and deep down they know it.

God bless America.

Now I have a Manuscript to finish. Spent half this morning feverishly plotting the blockbuster ending where most of the story threads come together in a real slam dunk denouement. Then comes the hard part; selling the monster that has possessed me so these past few months. Maybe it will come good this time; I feel good about it. The sun is shining, and there's a boat fair on in the Harbour this weekend.

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