Monday, January 7, 2008

Climate change bitch fight

Being an outdoor sort, I'm a keen observer of the Birds and beasts of the field. No sign of our local Deer herd, the Bald Eagles, or the Sea Lions, so I just sat me down to write and browse through my list of favourite blogs and web sites.

After a thousand words or so, I took a break and pootled over to Mr Eugenides to see what his latest amusing rant was about. Took a few minutes out to comment that all this Anthropogenic Global Warming was, at the latest reports inference, more likely to end up as a global cooling, only to get a little scorched by a flame from a person who, on the scantiest of evidence, called me an ignorant so and so. He obviously didn't like what I had written, and posted a couple of hundred words of pretty ill founded invective against my good self for saying I thought that AGW is a bit of a con. I took it in good part, and in a return post observed that if we could stretch the dog analogy a little, I was not so much a "British Bulldog" as a Border Collie, or sheepdog. Also that I was a 'Practicing Environmentalist' and habitual recycler rather than some short sighted Colonel Blimp, as he inferred.

Shortly afterwards I googled "Climate Sceptic" and found site after site, and post after post devoted to the subject of how to 'deal with' those who spoke out against the political dogma of Human Centred Climate Change. To be honest it was a sobering experience. Previously I had no idea of the propaganda campaign being waged against such doubters as myself by the 'believers'. For propaganda is what it is, because it makes little room for honest doubt or discussion of the evidence. The sheer unthinking zealotry of the pro AGW camp left me a little unsettled. They accept the dogma of anthropogenic climate change unquestioningly, which appears to have taken the place of religion for them. It's very sad for them. Maybe they should go out and get lives instead. Perhaps we could do a Golgafrincham 'B' Ark on them. Now that really would be an environmentally useful solution. Although we could do without the telephonically transmitted disease.