Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting 2008

Feeling much better after that alarming chest flutter. It was nothing serious, just palpitations brought on by an electrolyte imbalance from too much rich food and too little exercise. I must write out 100 times "Don't suddenly pig out on chocolate when you haven't had any for three months." Regrettably I will probably cheat by cutting and pasting as I usually do.

Keep on sniggering at the 'Climate change' panic mongers. Every time they gibber on that the heat death of the Universe is at hand, the climate contradicts them. Britain is currently bracing for a 'Siberian chill' where falls of snow as deep as one inch will bring the whole country grinding to a halt. Last time my one time home had any real snowfall was back in 1987. Previous to that the last heavy snow in the UK midlands was, if my memory serves me correctly, 1965. I remember walking just over a quarter mile to school in wellingtons and a duffle coat wearing mittens instead of gloves (Oh, the shame, the shame!) In 1987 we got our electricity, gas and water cut off for almost 72 hours. Before that, 1946/7 was supposedly a very heavy winter in Britain. Is it just me, or is there some sort of pattern emerging here?

Canada is suffering storms in the East, and here on the Island we have had the first serious snow in Nanaimo for; according to some friends who were living here then, twenty years. Great for winter sports.

The girls go back to England tomorrow, as does mother in law. Then I must mend fences with Wife, who currently considers me an unfeeling brute because I would not be bullied from my sick bed to spend New Years Eve at sister in laws place up in town. Humble pie looks to be my fare for a while until honour is satisfied. Failing that, I might just try and play the masterful male and tell her that if I'm feeling poorly I won't be budged with a bulldozer. Not that I'll get away with it of course, she knows all my weak spots.