Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow in Saudi Arabia

A story oddly ignored by the mainstream media for it's significance. Saudi Arabia has experienced it's first snow for a long time. Absolutely true. It's also snowing heavily in Iraq and Iran.

Funny how this significant event has been mainly treated with a 'so what?' in some quarters. Strange how you have to go all the way to a Russian news agency to find a link. The view that we are due for a trip into one of Earth's periodic cold spells around 2012 also actually gets credence. Tried a similar link on the Guardian's website which came up repeatedly with a 404 error. Hmm. Nothing much in the Times, Telegraph, or BBC websites either. Double hmm.

Upon reflection, when it comes to cold spells, I reckon the Russians might have more of a grip on the realities than many of the western 'greenies'. Let's face it, they know cold up in Siberia.

Back to the books. Now where was that data on more efficient house insulation?