Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jam Daywalkers

Dropped Wife off to do her voluntary stuff this morning, and returned home to do some work, and see when I was going to receive the letter which would enable me to pootle off cross border, and come back to apply for a Work permit.

Heard the local Bald Eagles wheeling around, but could not photograph them as the zoom on my little digital camera is too weedy to capture their wheeling majesty. There's also a 'feature' on the wretched thing that sometimes prevents the shutter operating if it's pain in the arse little silicon chip tells it there's too much / too little light.

Mildly frustrated after a fruitless morning, I got back in our well worn old battle bus and set off to collect Wife and run a couple of errands. On my way into Cedar I was forced to brake sharply by three Peacocks crossing the road. WTF!? Peacocks? In Canada? I thought they were African or Asian, or only kept on English Country Estates or Zoos, not parading around south Vancouver Island like they owned the place. A few hundred metres later I was forced to slam on the anchors quite precipitously as a string of Quail scuttled across in front of me. Damn Jaywalkers, or as Wife spoonerised, Jam Daywalkers. What has got into the local avian population? Acute depression or something? Or are the little sods trying to frighten me into a cardiac arrest? Can't trust birds, cunning little tinkers.

After that, we returned home and I managed to get through to my new boss re the job. I asked her about the letter, which I was assured would be with me within the next week or so. As soon as I get that, Wife and I will take a wander over the border and back with all our paperwork. That done I can get cracking with the new job, and see what good I can do. I may even finish the book.