Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Staying away

Glad I'm no longer living in Britain. According to the on line papers the economy is on the slide, rail chaos, a thing called a Norovirus has laid over 2 million people low. Add to that the loss of civil liberties and rising cost of living, I reckon we're better off out of it.

The only thing that bothers me is that our girls have gone back to that mess. Despite the fact that we had a very crowded Christmas and New Year which sent me crawling up the nearest vertical surface, I am mildly concerned for their future; although they are as capable as we could bring them up to be. On the other hand, they have travelled half way around the globe without us fussing over them, so perhaps our anxiety is ill founded.

Have spent the day dodging back and forth on ferries to Vancouver airport and back. Wife was a bit tearful, but I leant her one of my broad and manly shoulders and let her have a little cry. Despite what all the radical feminists would have us believe, most women seem to like a good cry now and again. It seems to come more readily to them than us mere males. I don't hold with weeping just because you've seen some family off on a long flight, although I get a bit of a catch in my throat sometimes. I am concerned for their welfare of course, and overjoyed when we get notice of their safe arrival at journeys end, but tears aren't a big part of my emotional response. My own take on the matter is that if I dissolve into puddles at the drop of a hat, I'm no good diving into a phone box for a quick change into my hero costume when the need arises. Someone has to be ready to pitch in if it all goes pear shaped.