Saturday, January 5, 2008

A couple of minor changes

Looking at the latest evidence against the great global warming con job, have elected to change a few details of the MSS. Instead of setting the story against a post climatic upheaval, I have decided to change the parameters to one set in a world gripped by a semi perpetual Winter. Not so much snow in the summer, just freezing rain, semi permafrost and slush.

Roughly re jigged the first chapter, and damn me if the story doesn't work better. Got to carve out a few thousand words, but 'mini ice age' fits better and is more original than the tired old chestnut of a climate gone mad.

Not much else of note. Did the recycling this morning. Wife is in slowdown and currently curled up in bed. The two pairs of Bald Eagles that frequent our skies when the rain lets up were in evidence this morning. Our local mini herd of deer paid us a late night visit, and the jackrabbit population seems to be in decline. The dwindling number of bunnies probably means the Eagles have been busy. No doubt we'll be overrun by bloody rabbits come spring, so I'm rooting for the raptors.

The rain has been pretty relentless of late. It seems to have been impersonating an English Summer (Drizzle, dampness and downpour) for the past 72 hours. Fairly stormy last night, with plenty of whitecaps out in the Narrows today, even with the tide at full flood. Time to hunker down over the keyboard with a nice hot cup of tea methinks.