Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stressed out

One thing pisses me off about my family is the way they can't deal with things. Everything has to be a big drama.

Went to Mount Washington Ski resort for a spot of snow tube fun which turned out to be anything but; Wife and Stepdaughters couldn't do a thing for themselves without making an unnecessary fuss. They assaulted my ears with a litany of complaints. All they could do was complain about the cold, about the queues. They really annoy me. All they can do is whine. I don't get to choose where and when I go. I thought I could deal with it. Not so.

Then when I get home, Wife asked me a question about accumulators which Mother in Law was rambing on about.
"What do you mean by accumulator? A bet?" I asked. It took me five long minutes to prize out of them what they were on about. Wife had got stressed and was taking it out on my hide, and even when I gave her the correct answer (An accumulator is a battery) she was still in a strop with me. Fuck a duck.

Half an hour later my pulse is hammering around 120 and doesn't seem to want to stop. This echoes symptoms I had thirteen years ago when my job at the time sent me screaming up the wall. Over these past two months I've been repeatedly backed into a corner with no way out. No recourse, and my own good nature won't let me hit back.

I am rapidly falling out of love with my family. No money, no help, no one to talk to. Well if the old ticker gives out and I die, that will get me out of it.