Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not with this wind or this tide

What with all the weather changes over the past few days, my cherished ambition of spending a day standing on my rocks with my rod in hand has had to go begging. Instead I've found myself writing, running errands and shopping.

Took a hike down to a neighbours vantage point late morning and looked down. The southerly winds and tides have driven a lot of log boom debris into the little corner I'd planned to daydream a day away on. I could have chanced it of course, but some of those logs bobbing and rolling happily away in the surf weigh over a ton, and would do my delicate pallid flesh no good whatsoever if I took a tumble. Wife does not look good in black, and Dog might not be so pleased either, so today I'm back at the keyboard and drinking lots of tea while hammering my story out on the anvils of narrative. At least that seems to be going well.

Up the road are a crew from BC Hydro, BC's main electricity suppliers, busily clearing a tree away that was in danger of coming down and taking some of the local power lines with it. They have been merrily serenading us with a melody of chainsaw and wood chipper since eight, although by the sound of things they're packing up and getting ready to find other nadirs.

Tomorrow I have an important transatlantic phone call to make and a 'do' to attend. Wife is out and I shall be shuttling back and forth to Nanaimo, which will rather set the scenario's for the next couple of days. I will make time to think a few things through, so I shall not be spending all of my day at others behest.

Have just finished 'Farnhams Freehold' by Robert A Heinlein. One of his books that takes a sideswipe at the issues of race relations and power structures of society. Some of the physics was a bit space opera, but nonetheless a good, generally unchallenging but enjoyable read.

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