Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A different kind of fishing

Looks like no fishing until at least Sunday. My favoured perches are still crammed with log debris, and there's way too much floating in the channel to cast over or around, so without hiking a mile through the woods to find another good perch, I'm going to have to wait for conditions to improve, and the tides to settle the debris out of the way. It's just a blasted nuisance.

My good news is that there may be a job in the offing. Not one that pays awfully well, but still enough to cover a few bills like heat, light, Internet, and phones. Not sure of the ins and outs, but my extended skill set might just be a very good fit for what these people want. That and the book, which is fairly rocketing along at present.

Something has freed up between my ears recently and I'm finding it much easier to think clearly. Time to start preparing samples for prospective publishers.

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