Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More bad news folks

I've been browsing around various environmental web sites and came across this one, The Climate Skeptic which I think I'll post a link to for my own convenience. Whoever writes this stuff definitely knows what he's talking about as he is quite good at debunking all the horror stories in the mainstream news.

Where this all comes to is that the 'science' of the global warming lobby appears to be more a 'political' science which owes more to the writings of Nicolo Macchiavelli than physical science, which is the practice of structured experiment, argument and discourse to establish incontrovertible fact, or best of all, continued tenure at the University of your choice.

The recent Bali conference on 'Climate change' or 'politicians jolly' seems to have come up with the assertion that unless those naughty Westerners (Specifically the citizens of the USA and Western Europe) stop using so much of the earths resources, we will all drown when the seas rise, burn when the ozone layer is depleted, and all those cute cuddly Polar Bears, who are one of the few animals that will actively hunt humans, will all die. They tell us that the Antarctic ice is shrinking (Overall in Northern Winters this is not true), that the Arctic ice is shrinking (Also not true, the ice is mostly thickening), and that the sea levels in the Pacific are threatening to inundate the Islands of Tuvalu (Not true either).

Methinks if these politicians really cared as they say they do about the world and it's climatic variations, then all 15000 of them should have stayed home and done it all via video conferencing links, thus not polluting the air of our planet with quite so many extra unnecessary flights. Me, I'm still persuaded that the variations are primarily 'natural' (Solar variation, orbital tilt, orbital variations, magnetosphere variation, cyclic nature of climate, volcanic activity, variable nature of global climate) and that the human influence on Earth's natural processes is a very thin scum on this particular pond. You only have to look at Earth's chronology to accept this rough proof. After all, we're a fairly new species, having only been around in our current form for less than half a million years.

Whilst we should, as a matter of principle, try to be as clean and non wasteful as possible so as not to spoil the earth we live upon; I think the huge guilt trip that certain parties are trying to lay upon the Western Nations is a bit of a con. Don't know what the 'sting' is, but I've been around a while and think I can smell a snow job like the one Al Gore and his fellow travellers are trying to pull. I think he still considers that he should have been President of the USA and not George Bush, so this is how he gets even. In the meantime we all get shafted.

For my own part, I live fairly frugally, recycle as a matter of habit, have few possessions to lug around, and wear the Earth lightly. It's just how I was brought up. I do this in the sure and certain knowledge that the universe is vast and hostile to my continued existence, because conditions for my well being only exist in a relatively thin layer of the biosphere surrounding this planet. I also think (Being a practising personal environmentalist) that the 'Greenies' are lying / incorrect / fatally deluded about the effect we have on the climate.

Adopting the Kyoto protocols won't make a spit of difference either. The climate will 'change' no matter what we do. The climate has always changed, you only have to look at the fossil record to see that. Our arrogance is in the ego trip of asserting that it has all that much to do with us. The day mankind vanishes from this planet, all trace of us will be gone inside of a few millennia.

That's enough for now. Back to the MSS.

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