Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yes, Deer

Got woken up in the early hours by two hinds outside our bedroom window. Wife is always gobsmacked about there only being a thickness of plasterboard, rockwool and timber cladding between her and the local wildlife. The wildlife is only concerned about getting enough to eat. I would like it better if they ate a little more quietly. Especially at four in the morning.

Lots of Deer tracks all over the place. I would have taken a picture and posted it, but Dog has elected to run all over the Deer tracks, sniffing madly at these new scents, so no pictures worth taking. Still snowbound, but the actual snowfall has stopped, and a slow thaw is in progress.

The novel progresses in fits and starts. The characters feel solid and do change as humans do when pressured by circumstance. I reckon it's going to be spring before I have anything worth submitting to a publisher. As for my other blogs, I've shut them down because they get in the way of the novel and it's so easy to get sidetracked and distracted from my main focus. Besides, the writing style is very different, and mucks up what I'm trying to do.

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