Monday, December 3, 2007

Raining again

There's a saying on the Island, "If you don't like the weather - go indoors and wait five minutes." Certainly true of this weekend. If it isn't snowing then the sun comes out, then it buckets down with rain (Like this morning). Lots of wind and rain coming in from the south and west. Fishing not possible as the tides are sweeping over my favourite perch at the waters edge. Have elected to be chicken today and sit indoors listening to the rush of the tide through the narrows. That and read up on fishing in these waters.

Lay awake in bed last night listening to the rain on the skylight with a quiet smile on my face while thinking about the latest turn in my current manuscripts narrative. Word count is something like 2000 a day, and despite my personal misgivings it reads well and has a certain tide in the story that pushes things along nicely.

Wife has made me promise not to get any more Grishams as she is developing my habit of devouring a whole book in a day. Not having a TV helps of course. We have debated having one with a DVD player, but tell you the truth I'm not really interested. Book first, other stuff later. TV is such a leech on one's leisure time.

Have just noticed that someone has left a comment on yesterday's diary entry. I shan't read it. I'm sure it's someone disagreeing with what I wrote about all this global warming panic and at present I'm just not interested in debating the issue. I've got other things I want to do. Life, as the saying goes, is too short.

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