Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More bad news

I'm really going to give up reading the on line UK Newspapers. If you believe all you read, then the country I was born in is going to hell in a handbasket like a greased pig on glass. The Police, Teachers and everyone else have their hands tied by a politicised bureaucracy, the armed forces are under resourced, the economy appear to be in danger of going bust, and the political masters are as corrupt a bunch of cheeseparing incompetants as it is possible to be.

I have a book to write. All this stuff is distracting and very, very disturbing. To think I have to go back to that mess for a week in January is somewhat disturbing.

Sent off the first three chapters of MSS to UK publishers yesterday while I go and poke a metaphorical stick at the story and see if I can't ginger it up a bit. Maybe I've been working on it too long and I'm getting bored, however, the opening chapter is truly dramatic and every time I start reading it, I keep on needing to finish off going through the whole 100,000 words, so perhaps it's just me. Maybe one of the major publishing houses will take it up if they find it as compelling. Who knows?

Wife is off doing her midweek voluntary stuff. I have to get back in the groove. Must say this 'getting it off your chest' style of writing lets me unload and frees up the logjams in my head. Back to work.

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