Monday, August 18, 2008


The current cool weather on this part of Vancouver Island has come as quite a relief after the muggy heat of the past few days. Even the mossies have deemed it too hot to make their usual meal out of me. Dog, with his thick coat, has suffered greatly with the heat, and is going to be sent for shearing this week.

As for other non weather related stuff, I even caught a fish yesterday. Tiny little guy who tried to swallow my lure whole. Notwithstanding, I threw him straight back in the water and he swam off. He will live to bite another day. Barbless lures make it easy to flip unwanted piscine life off your line with little damage. I'm just amazed the little tinker actually managed to get his mouth round the hook.

As for writing, I've resumed work on one of those 'back burner' projects that I've been fiddling with for the past five or six years. It shows promise. Forty thousand words, and the characters feel solid and three dimensional.

Regarding my 'First Flights' MSS, there's been no word at all from any of the enquiries I made. Seems like no one in publishing wants Sci-Fi right now. Not from any relatively new authors anyway. At present I'd settle for a 'thanks but no thanks' or even 'fuck off and die' response, but this silence is absolutely mind numbing.

Not so silent places are the woods. While I was away visiting relatives and chilling, one of the woodland trails has become blocked by fallen trees, and when I say blocked, I mean where three separate tree trunks, all over two feet across, have fallen to form a six foot high blockade. One tree fell and smashed into another, which smashed into another, and all of them fell around the same spot. Must have made a hell of a racket when that lot came down. Just goes to prove the old adage that nothing happens in isolation. Nature follows the rules of causality.

Wonder if my handy neighbour with his chainsaw will clear the way again.

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