Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zoom Zoom

Well, here's one of the first Canadian victims of AGW scaremongering and the concomitant speculation that has pushed up the price of gas, helping to depress the economy. Wife was booked on a Zoom flight to the UK which has just been cancelled because the budget airline could not afford to pay the inflated gas prices and artificially AGW panic inflated 'green' airport tariffs. Zoom have filed for bankruptcy and all flights are cancelled.

While the Greenies are dancing round with glee because this airline failure will perhaps reduce 'carbon emissions' and thus 'save the world'. I wonder if they have given thought to the hundreds of people their panic mongering has put out of work. Pilots, Cabin staff, Maintenance crews, Ground staff, Booking clerks, Managers, IT support and all the other workers who make international flight possible.

For Wife this has been a minor inconvenience. She has had to re book her flight with another airline and cancel her credit card payment to Zoom. She will still fly back to England in a few weeks to see Youngest ensconced at new University.

While Wife is attending to that small errand, I'm going to buy an SUV. With a bit of luck I will cut a deal and get one of these 'six months free gas' deals that are floating around. After that, I'm going for a little drive.

As for the recent spate of Earthquakes off Vancouver Island. Over here near Nanaimo we never noticed, the shocks never even rattled the crockery and even Dog slept all the way through it.

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