Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There are people who want to shut any debate about the effects that CO2 is or is not having on the climate down. They are right, everyone else is wrong, no one is to talk about this again, ever -OR ELSE!

They ignore certain laws of physics.

They ignore reasoned argument based on known physical laws and in depth physical observations.

Everyone but them is wrong.

To them everyone who doesn't agree with their viewpoint is an evil 'Denier' in the pay of Big Oil and should be silenced. They ignore the 300 million US Dollars made available to the pro AGW camp by Al Gore, who has a great deal to lose should the AGW theory be exposed as the sham it is.

One could be impolite and ask them to "(Expletive deleted) off", but that is not my way. I shall voice my concerns and point out the shortcomings of the opposing arguments in as public a forum as I can. Physics will out. Water on stone.

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