Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is there ice on Mars?

The news has broken that the white patch observed underneath the jets of the Mars Phoenix lander is water ice. There is ice on Mars. Frozen water. Good old solid state Dihydromonoxide.

Now while this is a long way from even the slightest proof that there ever was life on Mars, it is very heartening. It means that if or when the first manned mission ever goes there, that there will be available water which can be used to electrolyse oxygen for breathing and Hydrogen for fuel to power any putative future base.

Maybe once we manage to get a significant presence off this planet, we might convince the many crazy people on this world that we were actually meant for the stars. The raw elements within us such as carbon etc (Since we are a carbon based life form) were born in the heat of suns and supernovae, so maybe instead of myopically hunkering down on this overcrowded little blue green planet and continuing our endless squabbling, future generations might get out there and expand. It's what the rest of the Universe has been doing since the big bang, so who are we to argue?

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