Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ice cap? what ice cap?

H/T Anthony Watts blog

So the North Pole is going to be ice free this year is it?

In addition,the cracks appear to be showing in the so-called 'consensus' about Anthropogenic Climate Change. Not that there ever was a true consensus, one might be tempted to add. More a minority report.

Methinks the much heralded demise of the Arctic may have been both premature and wildly inaccurate. Yes, I know that Ice minimum generally occurs in September, but you aren't going to melt that much ice in two months, especially during a Solar Minimum. Hells bells! is Winter that close? Time to order my snow tyres.

Update: The politicians and establishment will keep on pushing the false 'Climate Change' warmist agenda which threatens to make paupers of the rest of us unless we somehow get them to put their money where their collective mouths are; like in this piece from the Daily Mash.

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