Monday, July 7, 2008

Is your Toddler a racist?

Have been busy preparing for a visit from my Mother, who is travelling half way across the world to see how her youngest child (Me) is getting on. Wife and I have a new 'pooter which outperforms my scaggy old laptop by several quantum leaps. Nothing back from the first Agent I contacted so far, so my next move is to approach a number of them and hype the pitch a little.

Browsing through the dear old Torygraph today, Wife drew my attention to an article that toddlers who say 'Yuk' to spicy foods are to be counted as 'racist incidents'. Oh dear. Just when you think life in Britain can't get any more stupid, something like this pops up. What are they going to do, prosecute the parents for 'hate crimes'? Use it as an excuse to haul children into state nurseries where parental love is rationed or horror of horrors, forbidden? One can safely predict that such insanity will create more racism than it solves. Children of this age don't do prejudice. According to Wife, who is a seasoned professional in handling children's misdemeanour's and shenanigans says children at this age can't tell the difference between races. Anyone who says different is a complete idiot. Yes they are. Failing that they have another, more sinister agenda for thought control of future generations.

My kids never used to like spicy foods, but I swear neither of them are racists. Now they are students they virtually live on curry and pizza. Both of them would be horrified at the merest thought of racism. Still, I am determined that my grandchildren will live free of such appalling tyranny and be free to like who they like without hindrance or interference from anyone. Including me.

Anyway, tonight's reading material is Plato's 'Republic'.

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