Friday, July 25, 2008


All over the place I keep on reading about the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the USA. Obama this and Obama that. The way the press go on, you'd think Barack Obama was President already.

Pardon me for thinking this, but isn't there supposed to be something called an election to decide these things? For myself I can't help thinking the media cheerleaders are being, in the words of an old friend of mine, 'A little bit previous'.

North of the forty ninth we've got three by-elections due and the Tories are running on a tax cut campaign. With the federal tax surplus, that doesn't sound such a bad thing, boost the economy, ride out the burgeoning world recession in comfort style of thing. All the other parties seem to be talking about the environment, although a lot of Canadians are looking at the reduced cash in their wallets due to speculators pushing up the price of gas, as well as the 2.4 cents extra tax a litre. Then they look around and see that stuff isn't changing like the doomsayers predicted. Well, we'll see.

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