Monday, July 28, 2008

Criminal behaviour

Reading the news and various blogs as I do every day, I'm perplexed about the term 'Climate Criminals'. How can you criminalise something that isn't proven? Just goes to show how many people in this world are absolutely barking mad over the whole issue.

Like this UK site for example. Completely looney (and I'm not talking about Canada's one dollar piece).

This site appears to brand Mountaineers as 'Climate Criminals'.

Not to mention the accusation that those who do not believe in the new religion as preached by Al (Hey Honey, look at my big carbon footprint) Gore, James (GISS) Hansen et al are all supposed to be in the pocket of 'big oil' or 'big coal'. As if.

A number of these sites appear to be calling for the arrest, fining and imprisonment of 'Deniers'. Well, that's me in treouble if I ever go back to the UK then. I can expect summary arrest from the Police ("Excuse me sir, is that your cloud?") and 28 days in the chokey without charge because no doubt the howling AGW mob will demand that being a 'Climate change denier' is a terrorist offence. No trial, no bail, just punished for saying that you don't believe in something. Wonder if I can claim political asylum over here?

As the evidence mounts up against many anthropogenic arguments, the pro lobby grows more shrill and aggressive. Their whole fragile belief system is threatened, and like others who are weak of faith, they become ever more aggressive to those who simply and rationally will not agree with them. Taking this into account, the pro AGW lobby look ever more like sad, crazy people who need to go out and get lives.

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