Friday, August 29, 2008

Seal, interrupted

This mornings walk along the shoreline with Dog was punctuated by the appearance of six American (Turkey) Vultures who scattered at our leisurely approach. The object of there attention was a dead juvenile seal up near the high water mark. Much to my chagrin, this morning I had omitted to take my camera with me. Nothing much to remark except the seal was less than twelve hours dead (No smell of decomposition)and there was no obvious cause of death.

The Vultures simply sat in a nearby Douglas Fir and waited for us to move on. Dog fussed and sniffed around for a few minutes before I called him away. The Vultures laconically watched us go before resuming their interrupted repast. De gustibus non disputandem.

Deceased Seal photo added one tide later. Not much change. I half expected that the vultures would have stripped the corpse by now. They must be on a low fat diet considering the amount of blubber left behind.

Carrion regardless perchance?

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