Monday, August 11, 2008

Gnome from home

There are things which amuse me, and this is one of many. A woman in Gloucestershire had one of her garden Gnomes stolen. Three months later, the gnome was returned with a photo album showing the gnome in scenes from around the world and a polite letter to the owner explaining the gnomes absence.

Personally, I can't abide the things. They make gardens look cheap and tacky. Their presence in a garden bespeaks volumes about the occupants. Phrases like "Nice people....but..." come to mind.

However, taking one on a world tour sounds rather more classy, and says a lot about the character of the gnome abductor. For example, our youngest (at 19) still has an ageing and much repaired woollen Teddy Bear which goes everywhere with her and will no doubt be passed on to the next generation. This particular Bear has been all over the world in her suitcase. Canada, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, even Scarborough. People who still carry that sort of thing around seem to be still very much in touch with their 'inner child', which might look slightly odd, but indicates a small silent core strength of character which will serve them well in a crisis. So long as they have an inner babysitter available for when the inner child throws Teddy out of the pram.

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