Saturday, September 6, 2008

A boy named Sue

Have just become the owner of a compact SUV for pootling up country and exploring for a parcel of land. Just an old junker to see us through the next couple of years while we're building and constructing our extended family's largely self sufficient refuge. In a fit of whimsy Wife and I have called it 'Sue' after one of my favourite Johnny Cash songs:

The other one is "One piece at a time".

We're looking to the future and making plans despite the hysterical hyperbole about the world going to end when the Large Hadron Collider comes on stream on the 10th of this month. Wife will have just landed at Heathrow to go and see youngest into her first year at University. Dog and I will be pleasing ourselves, getting on with things as we usually do, and I shall be working on the next MSS revision. I will be really pissed off if I don't get time to finish it.

There are going to be some very red faced people on the 11th when Earth just carries on spinning about it's axis. Hopefully we will know a little more about how matter and energy operate so the pseudo-scientists can't pull the wool over people's eyes quite so readily. I agree with Professor Cox when he gave his opinion on the matter.

Certain people do not understand how things work, this makes them afraid of those who try to find out. They are the new Luddites, the fanatic Flat Earthers, the AGW 'believers'. Those of us who understand a little of the science (Although not as much as I'd like), know that reality is not as fluid as some quantum physicists might make out, at least in this timeline. The truth of the matter is far more prosaic.

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