Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kicking back

Wife is away until 24th. I keep busy. My superiors are pleased with my work, and the sun is shining. This means a new pair of polarised sunglasses have been purchased to counteract the glare off the hood of our little SUV.

Today's task is waxing and polishing. More glare. Sunglasses will help.

The price of gas locally has only slipped down a cent. With the cost of a barrel of crude dipping below the $100 a gallon mark (and not before time) someone in the supply chain is making money hand over fist. Maybe I don't quite understand the full economics of it, but to my mind, the price of gas is quick to go up, but very slow to come down. Local legend has it as tripling in the last two years.

This fits in with my experience; 2002 was spent in Ontario and Quebec. Price of gas taken from an old 35mm photo of us posing by our hire car at a service station - $0.63 a litre. Summer 2007 saw prices of $0.99 a litre on the trans Canada and around $1.08 on this part of Vancouver Island. Closest local gas station at the time of writing is $1.35 (Was $1.36 until Thursday). It has a way to go down, but down it will go, despite what all the doom mongers say.

Am taking a break from the tedious business of MSS editing. It's not as though I have a buyer at the moment, so, kicked back, no rush. It's how these things go.

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