Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still here

Well, the LHC is switched on and we're all still here. Another apocalyptic non-event.

Wife is back in the UK. Dog and I are doing boys stuff, fishing, driving, looking for bigger apartments. Mother in Law is debilitated and we have to get a bigger place to accommodate her for six months of every year. Personally, I'd rather have a daily Castor oil enema, but these things happen and have to be dealt with. I'd be happier if she tried a little harder instead of sitting doing nothing then whining before letting her tearducts have full rein when we can't do exactly what she wants. Such are the joys of extended families.

Read the most godawful nonsense in the Telegraph this morning; one of the opening lines of the article was; "Now that the argument for global warming has been almost universally accepted...". I'm so annoyed I'm not going to grace it with a link. Really should stop reading the news.

With the rain falling and harvests failing in the UK (and elsewhere) because of the cooler weather, you'd think some people would learn instead of spouting the party line regardless. I just hate the lie of 'anthropogenic climate change' because it is precisely that, a lie, and for all my many failings, I am (for a given value of 'honest') an honest and moral man who hates such falsehoods.

What the hell, it's a nice day on this part of Vancouver Island and I'm off out to enjoy it.

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