Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuck on stupid

Just been reading the UK online papers in stunned disbelief. Environmental lobby groups appear to have persuaded the UK Government not to build Nuclear or Coal power stations on the basis that 'CO2 and Nuclear are bad'. I know this is a simplistic assessment of the arguments, but when the climate trend since 2000 has flattened out and begun to cool, all the hysterical warmist predictions of runaway fire and flood look increasingly improbable. The current UK government has frittered away the country's resources and made no real provision for any burgeoning chill. Instead it is borrowing double what it was and chucking money at 'the underprivileged' with free Internet and theatre tickets. They truly are 'stuck on stupid' with no place else left to go.

Well, the British public will be the sorry ones. The party almost definitely over, the house is trashed, the windows broken, the booze cupboard depleted and utilities blocked. Worse still, the people who really build and fix things are emigrating / have emigrated because no-one thinks they're needed.

I worry about our two girls who are at University. Hopefully they will surf through the whole mess and be okay, but they are the ones who wanted to study in the UK. Fortunately, we have bolt holes for them in France, the USA and Canada if things really go bad over there.

Wife and I are kitted out with warm clothing and a 4x4 which will leave us able to brave the snow and rain. Will keep a stock of dried and canned goods for when the inevitable trees fall on the power lines this Winter and cut the power.

Boy am I glad we left the UK. Wife returns today, and I shall be standing on the breakwater (Even if it's raining) to welcome her home.

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