Friday, September 26, 2008

Volcanic eruptions so far in 2008

I've been indulging myself in a little research, just as a matter of intellectual curiosity. How many volcanoes erupt in any given year, and does this correlate with anything else? So far this year there have been over 54 major eruptions, as listed below. All compiled from the Smithsonian Institute records and other reputable sources.

Volcano Eruption Date Location
Shiveluch 26 Sept Kamchatka
Piton De La Fournaise 22 Sept Indian Ocean
Mayon 11 Aug Philippines
Asama 10 Aug Japan
Kasatochi 8 Aug Aleutian Is.
Chikurachi 29 July Kurile Is.
Reventador 29 July Ecuador
Okmok 12 July Aleutian Is.
San Cristobal 22 June Nicaragua
Masaya 18 June Nicaragua
Soputan 6 June Sulawesi
Cerro Azul 30 May Galapagos Is.
Dukono 29 May Halmahera
Semeru 20 May Java
Chaiten 10 May Chile
Egon 15 April Indonesia
Karymsky 27 March Kamchatka
Kerinci 24 March Sumatra
Mt. Etna 12 March Sicily
Garbuna Group 11 March New Britain
Bagana 3 March Bougainville
Lopevi 24 Feb South Pacific
Veniaminof 22 Feb Alaska
Heard Is. 22 Feb Indian Ocean
Mt. Cleveland 8 Feb Aleutian Is.
Erta Ale 8 Feb Ethiopia
Suwanose-Jima 7 Feb Japan
Anatahan 5 Feb Mariana Is.
Guagua Pichincha 1 Feb Ecuador
Poas 22 Jan East Africa
Krakatau 21 Jan Indonesia
Galeras 17 Jan Colombia
Ubinas 14 Jan Peru
Ol Doinyo Lengai 14 Jan East Africa
Santa Maria 10 Jan Guatemala
Fuego 10 Jan Guatemala
Soufriere Hills 10 Jan West Indies
Pacaya 10 Jan Guatemala
Rabaul 10 Jan New Britain
Huila 7 Jan Colombia
Miyake-Jima 6 Jan Japan
Sakura-Jima 6 Jan Japan
Sheveluch 3 Jan Kamchatka
Bezymianny 3 Jan Kamchatka
Llaima 2 Jan Chile
Colima 1 Jan Mexico
Mt. St. Helens 1 Jan United States
Kilauea 1 Jan Hawaii
Mt. Erebus 1 Jan Antarctica
Popocatepetl 1 Jan Mexico
Arenal 1 Jan Costa Rica
Stromboli 1 Jan Italy
Tungurahua 1 Jan Ecuador
Yasur 1 Jan Vanuatu
All those Volcanoes pumping Gigatons of CO2, SO2, various other gases and particulate matter up to and over 8000 metres into the atmosphere. Kind of makes you feel small doesn't it? Will post more detailed figures as they are compiled, and when I can be bothered to work out how blogger can be persuaded to handle html tables.

Anyway. Sister in law is in town with husband, and he and I are going fishing tomorrow before the girls rejoin the boys for a nice supper and bragging session. All this and Jamesons's Irish Whiskey. Life feels pretty good right now.

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