Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exposing fallacy

Having a read through Anthony Watts blog this morning, I was directed by other comm enters to articles by the very successful weather forecaster Piers Corbyn, and articles about the Gakkel Ridge that basically cuts right through the Arctic, joining the mid Atlantic and Mid Pacific volcanic ridges from the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute. The Woods Hole team have found evidence of underwater pyroclastic phenomena, heretofore thought impossible according to some authorities.

This all rather confirms my thoughts that the idea behind Man made climate change is ridiculous. The energy levels are too small to make a difference, and any minimal climatic effect they do have can be instantly wiped out by a Solar Minima, or several large volcanic events within a relatively short timeframe.

I tend to think that using CO2 as a major climate driver is a political phenomena driven by the ignorance of most politicians and people when it comes to science. The energy levels are all wrong. The atmosphere as a climate driver is like trying to boil a bucket of water using your kid sisters toy hairdryer. You just can't do it because the energy input is way lower than the energy losses and negative feedbacks and the supposed positive feedback mechanisms either don't exist, or are swamped by natural losses and atmospheric damping effects.

Ergo, anthropogenic climate change is a scam, a con, a scary story to frighten the ingorant into penury while making others rich on the back of the farcical 'carbon trading' confidence trick. It has nothing to do with Environmentalism at all. To say it has is part of one of the greatest lies in history.

Rant over, air cleared. Yet still the idiot politicians are imposing 'Carbon taxes'. Makes you want to cry at the stupidity sometimes.

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brian in the tamar valley said...

Some very interesting comments which I will spend some time thinking about. For the record I haven't come down on either side of the argument regarding CO2 and climate change. Where I really take issue with you though is regarding your words "the very successful weather forecaster Piers Corbyn". On my 'Devon and Cornwall Viewpoint' blog I've taken Piers to task on several occasions - not only has he often been wrong but he has been spectacularly wrong. Instead of just berating those who don't agree with him why doesn't he produce evidence for his theories?