Friday, October 10, 2008

Two good things about the current financial crisis

Two really good things about the current stock market falls;

Firstly, the price of gas has dropped from 129.9 to 117.9 in the past four days locally.

Secondly, all the whinging and bitching about 'Climate Change' seems to have dropped off the media's main agenda.

Wonder if the politicians will have the sense to drop the raft of ineffective and purely superficial 'green' tax plans as well. We can but hope. There's an election coming up, and although I can't vote, am not keen in seeing the NDP or Greens gain any more power. Canada can't afford them.

I don't own shares, so there's no tears shed there. We've spread our capital around a number of banks, so we won't lose if another one goes under, although we've been pretty careful where we stashed our savings. Wife and I have both got jobs. We're just hunkering down, continuing to work hard and waiting for the fiscal storms to pass.

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