Sunday, October 19, 2008


Have just been dredging around my computers hard drive and come across my old cost of living figures from two years ago in the UK: Back in the bad old days when we had a mortgage, we had a total monthly outgoing (Without luxuries) of two thousand three hundred and seventy six pounds and thirty eight pence. This was everything; Mortgage, House repairs, clothing, travel costs, council tax, food, etc. After tax was removed from our salaries, we managed to save a grand total of one hundred and thirty two pounds and change every month. Our two girls could take a bite out of our remunerations to the tune of up to five hundred pounds plus. The change from the aforementioned sometimes went on a bar of chocolate for Wife. The rest went on saving for our big leap of faith to BC. Wife and I occasionally had a trip to the movies, or the theatre when we could blag free tickets.

Using a straight two for one conversion rate to the Canadian Dollar, that would be Four thousand seven hundred and fifty two point seven eight Canadian Dollars basic outgoings. Add another thousand for the girls costs, and we were left with two hundred and sixty one Canadian Dollars after savings.

Now we live in British Columbia, Canada, and although we are not making the money that we were in the UK, our outgoings are at present just under two thousand Dollars per calendar month. That includes all costs including cars, rent, tax, everything. We live fairly frugally, but we don't go hungry, and the view from my kitchen window every morning, even on rainy days is spectacular. Of course we do miss some of our friends and neighbours from back in the UK, but we're making more over here every day.

It's at times like these, despite the fact that neither of us are pulling down anything like our UK salaries, I think we are miles better off. Better quality of life; and although the bureaucracy of immigration sometimes trips us up, less stress. All I can say is this; had I known thirty years ago what I know now, I'd already be a Canadian citizen.

God bless Canada.

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