Sunday, October 12, 2008

I wish, I wish, he'd go away...

Just when you think you can relax, up pops another problem; to wit, Wife's ex. After painful negotiations to get our two girls (Wife's Daughters, my stepdaughters) settled at University, Wife's Ex, who has apparently gambled and lost on the recent stock market nose dive, is pestering us for money so he can duck his parental responsibilities. He comes back from Africa every six months on a free ticket paid by his company, where he gets his living costs paid while he's in Africa on one of those all inclusive ex-pat deals (Fancy quarters, servants, the lot) then throws his money at the girls. They have got used to the fact that 'Daddy' has money and buys things for them and often try to twist his wallet round their little fingers. Hey, I'm just the stepfather who provided a male role model and emotional support during the difficult teenage years, what do I know?

Is it just me, or is it that every time this loser has to face up to his responsibilities (Did I mention that he's got himself into a messy divorce - again?), he comes pestering Wife and getting under our feet, interfering with our plans. To him, it's always someone elses problem. Usually ours.

Wife divorced him for this very reason, in that this guy truly needs to pull his big girl panties on and deal with his own issues rather than fobbing them off onto others and spending the day whining to his mates on some African ex-pats Golf course. He neglects first wife (Now my Wife), who after two kids gets pissed off enough to divorce him. He neglects second wife, who after a few years gets pissed off and begins divorce proceedings for exactly the same reasons. Rather than deal with it himself, he obfuscates and denies before coming sniffing round my doorstep and demanding we solve his problems, making veiled threats against our girls education. Well he can sod off. I'll block his e-mail address and maybe report it as Spam if need be. The cheap emotional blackmail he tries to use just annoys me and upsets Wife. It also poses an indirect threat to our immigration plans. That cannot be tolerated.

If he ever shows up on Vancouver Island, I'll make a report to the RCMP that he has been making threats against us and have the sucker deported. Well, that much will be true, albeit indirectly. He does pose a threat to us in that if we bail him out, that reduces our finances and interferes with our plans to provide a family bolt hole for the girls when things get really tough.

Today I'm not letting wife near the e-mail as it only winds her up and causes me grief. I hate seeing that loser make her miserable.

I just wish the guy would either grow up, or find a bar and decently and discreetly drink himself to death out in the African bush. Hell, I'd even buy him a crate of Jamesons myself if that would help hurry things along. How long before he's out of our life completely?

Update: Wife and I have talked to girls via Skype and made arrangements that will scupper all further interference with their educational finances from annoying ex-spouse. Good.

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