Monday, October 27, 2008

This boy's a fool

Don't normally comment on this sort of thing, but really, some people have no idea.

"...I would argue that climate disinformation online is a form of cultural and political malware every bit as threatening to our new media freedoms, used not to foster a forum for open politics but to create, in Nancy Fraser’s term, a “multiplicity of fragmented publics” that harms not only our democracy, but our planet."

Climate disinformation? Harms democracy? Might one point out that Democracy requires freedom to speak plainly in measured and cogent dissent. All of which this particular Lecturer in Journalism seems to think is a bad idea. To take his view "You can say what you like, but only if I approve." In the words of the late, great Eric Morecambe; "This boy's a fool".

One might also point out that his is a minority view. So his argument could be that 'If you're not in the majority you should shut up'. Ah.

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