Friday, October 31, 2008


Picked up on a report that 'global warming' is 'very likely' caused by humans. Firstly there seems to be a lot of mainstream fuss about this, saying that 'It's proven' or repeating the mantra 'the science is settled'. Yet when you actually read the original studies from which the reports quoted are derived, you find a lot of 'mights' and 'could be's' which prove absolutely damn all. Add that to the current cooler weather cycle we seem to be in, which the 'anthropogenic' component hasn't seemed to touch at all.

Here on Vancouver Island it seems to be a little chillier than normal, but then that's well, normal for this time of year. At least according to the weather records from Nanaimo airport. Then, those only go back so far, as do the studies which are claimed to 'prove' that it's all humankinds fault and all you naughty humans should be sent straight to bed without any supper. There's no real like for like data, and all the current data out there does not appear to make a datum.

By comparison, I tend to read a lot of history. Not just 20th century history, and not just the western version, but from as many sources as I can. That tells me that everything the media bangs on about as the 'worst ever' is mostly just headlines to sell newspapers. No matter what you read in the papers / media about Weather phenomena, I will lay pretty good odds that what they are claiming as the 'worst ever' has been easily surpassed in the past thousand years before any 'anthropogenic' influence. Now I'll concede that we as a species do have an effect on our environment; overfishing, deforestation (Ironically for biofuel plantations to 'prevent' AGW), pollution; but the CO2 levels appear to have very little to do with climate, and 'carbon taxes' do more harm than good economically. Ergo my postulation is that this has more to do with the politics of control than real science.

Well, that's just the interpretation of a hack who likes to write science fiction. If the theory says that because of increased CO2 we should be having much warmer weather and it's actually getting cooler, I'd say that the 'theory' as presented has either been misinterpreted, or was pretty far over the wrongness event horizon to begin with. My interpretation? It's just Weather, and there isn't anything we can do about it.

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