Saturday, October 25, 2008


Every so often this place hits me right between the eyes with the spectacular. Was walking Dog the other day when I stopped to gossip with a Neighbour, who said. "You can see Mount Baker today." We both admired the view, and having more pressing matters to attend to, like retrieving the post and checking we'd got enough to pay the bills, completely forgot about it.

Later that day I looked to see the top third of said snow capped peak clearly visible from where I stood. The thought idly crossed my mind that the peak in question was across the border, south of the 49th parallel in Washington State. Again, more pressing matters pushed the thought to the sidelines and I totally forgot about it. Until this morning when I was making the tea, and recalled the conversation and the breathtaking view of the peak. Booting Google Earth on the 'pooter, I used the handy little utility that lets you measure a line between two geographic points. Result; Over 93 miles.

Wow. Talk about clear air.

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